Feral Studio will be heading to Asia in summer 2017 to research ways in which artists, arts organisations and community projects are addressing challenges faced by rural communities. Some of the issues we will be exploring which have particular pertinence to the rural context here in the South West include ageing rural populations, the decline of farming, the connection between urban and rural contexts and community engagement.

We will be connecting with organisations in Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, China and beyond. They include ComPeung in Thailand, Rimbun Dahan in Malaysia, Jatiwangi Art Factory in Indonesia, Shiro Oni in Japan, Green Valley Inc in Japan, Sangwoodgoon in Hong Kong, Paddyfilm in China.

The research trip is being part funded by the Arts Council's Artists' International Development Fund and is part of wider research into international rural practice that has been conducted by Feral Studio over the last few years.