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During the past few decades, we have witnessed a rural narrative that has been characterised by on going crisis, decline and loss of identity. Once thriving communities have been severely impacted by multiple traumas in agriculture, austerity in public finances, limited infrastructure provision, migration of ambitious youth, constrained housing availability and the older generation lacking opportunity to transfer hard-earned knowledge. Impacts from energy insecurity, climate change and environmental degradation are being felt first hand.

Yet there has been a response.

There’s been a motivated, imaginative and committed response. Rural communities are now seeing a surging land-worker movement dedicated to sustainable agriculture. Alternative economies and resilience building are now commonplace. Innovation is flourishing and a recognition of the countryside from a cultural perspective is well underway. We are committed to embracing this momentum.

Established in 2014, Feral Studio is Community Interest Company (08936225). We work locally, regionally, online and beyond to commission short-term initiatives and long-term engagements that support sustainable, self-sufficient and locally distinctive economies and cultures.

Our approach values the importance of multi-disciplinary partnership working to explore and interpret the opportunities and threats that exist in the rural context. As such, we collaborate with a dynamic group of practitioners whose skills and knowledge base include (but not limited to) design, food production, architecture, research, filmmaking, policy, horticulture, education programming, contemporary art curating and ecology.

We undertake a range of socially engaged activities, research and commission projects that are appropriate, collaborative and leave an enduring legacy. These include residencies, workshops, events, installations, publications and internships.

While our programme is shaped by local priorities, we also recognise that a great deal of thinking, practice and policy influencing rural issues emanates from beyond its geography so we participate in dialogue and exchange ideas, techniques and practice with urban and international peers and networks as well as being supported by specialist advisors.

Divider Background
  • 'Artists serve multiple functions in rural communities, as purveyors of culture, as authentic historians of craft and tradition, and increasingly as effective, innovators integral to successful revitalization and economic development strategies.'

    Cross Currents: Art & Agriculture
  • 'Architecture, design and art have a major role to play in defining the future rural economy and landscape'

    Ian HunterLittoral Arts Trust
  • 'No millionaire will go far wrong in his search for one of the best forms for the use of his surplus who chooses to establish a free library in any community that is willing to maintain and develop it'.

    Andrew CarnegieThe Best Fields of Philanthropy, 1889.

1.Research & Collaborate

We ask questions to identify challenges, gather and interpret data and form partnerships.


We select and commission artists and designers to work in situ with local stakeholders and community members.

3.Launch & Disseminate

Outputs from commissions are accessible, visibible, widely distributed and leave an enduring legacy.

4.Evaluate & Evolve

We examine the effectiveness of work, ensure continuity and measure impacts.

Research & Projects
Project Cover
A local print & digital knowledge resource
dedicated to innovative rural practice & thinking.
Contact us for access.
Project Cover
Orchard Works
A series of commissions devised to celebrate
and inspire a re-thinking of Somerset's apple
tradition and culture.
Project Cover
Tambopata Hydrosols
An Olfactory Exploration of Place
originating in the Peruvian Amazon
and continuing southwards.
Project Cover
Rural Practice: Asia
A research project examining best practice
and cultural innovation in rural Asia.
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